Cinnamon Girl Dress

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Hand made in Guatemala from recycled corduroy. We "rescue" old corduroy and give it a whole new life! Patchy hippie gear: A favorite from the concert parking lot scene of the Dead lives on in the jam scene that continues. Our friends in the beautiful Central American nation of Guatemala blend the various shades of corduroy together in a peaceful patchwork union. These craftspeople are master tailors that hand outline each and every curve and corner. No two are exactly alike! Your purchase helps save perfectly good fabric from a dead end trip to the landfill. Recycling to help the planet, bringing diverse colors together, helping to support communities, creating something new & beautiful... patchwork really symbolizes what Gypsy Rose is all about. SHAKE IT ON DOWN with PEACE, LOVE, & HAPPINESS!!!

Approximate Dimensions: Bust:28" stretches to 40", Length:52" + Shoulder Straps

COLORS: Assorted. You're getting a "wearable work of art" & variety is an intended part of each item's beauty. Most Gypsy Rose products are HAND MADE BY HUMANS, NOT BY ROBOTS mass produced in some huge factory. So most items are unique, just like you, & it is not possible for us to change pictures every time one is purchased. We recommend that you request TWO COLOR choices to insure PROMPT DELIVERY. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. After all, our hippie shop's been around for over 25 years & thousands of loyal happy shopping customers can't be wrong. We pride ourselves in kind goods & kind service. We work hard to provide the best quality products at a fair price to you and pay fair wages to the folks making them. We've been able to do this because we work with many cottage crafters and small co-ops around the world. Thanks for your support. Without you, we wouldn't be able to do what we do!!!